Industrial Indicators is a U.S. manufacturer of tension indicating SmartBolts® and related tools.

Our products are outfitted with proprietary condition monitoring technologies to improve the reliability and efficiency of industrial bolting operations.

We are proud to foster a corporate culture that emphasizes the importance of safety, quality, productivity, and continuous improvement.


• Ensuring our work environment is safe for every employee and visitor. Safety is about protecting yourself, protecting coworkers, and protecting equipment from injury or damage.

• Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to be worn at all times when the factory is operating and will be provided at no cost to the employee or visitor by the company.

• Our company training program has been designed to provide skills that will enable the operator or technician to work safely. It is the employee’s responsibility to maintain understanding and awareness of the safety resources available.


• Maintaining and improving the quality of our products is critical for value to be maintained with customers.

• Our Quality Management System is based on ISO:9001 compliance and every employee has a duty to ensure our system is complete, maintained, and accurate.

• Quality is ensured when we follow successfully demonstrated Standard Operating Procedures.


• Productivity can be a great measure of success, but this is only true if our Safety and Quality requirements have been met.

• True productivity is an expectation within our culture. Maintaining consistent production rates and process cycle times are necessary for our success.

• Maintaining an organized work environment is necessary for every employee to be successful and productive.

Continuous Improvement

• The method by which we develop and evolve our culture is with Continuous Improvement.

• Continuous Improvement enables safer work, higher quality work, and greater productivity.

• Continuous Improvement is a fundamental aspect of Lean Meanufacturing and supports our ability to increase the amount of value we can offer our customers.

Charles Popenoe

Charles Popenoe: Chief Executive Officer

Charles joined Industrial Indicators in 1998 and has presided over the growth of the company to date. He holds a B.S. from University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MBA from American University Kogod School of Business. Charles began his career with FDIC as a computer networking specialist, serving for 10 years before joining the company founded by his father, Chuck Popenoe.

Chris Bunai

Christopher Bunai: Chief Technology Officer

Chris joined Industrial Indicators in 2010 and is a graduate of The University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering, where he studied mechanical engineering. Chris designed and built our Gaithersburg manufacturing facility and leads product design and development for Industrial Indicators. He specializes in fasteners, CNC machining, lean manufacturing, and machine design.


Company rebrands as Industrial Indicators to better align with market conditions. Next-generation technology (Chromaulic Technology) and product line (SmartBolts® Chroma Series) released to public.


Further expansion into wind energy and slew ring bearing markets. Development of next-generation technology starts.


Stress Indicators Incorporated augments engineering staff, expands product size range to serve customers in crane industry and creates new intellectual property for next generation SmartBolts.


Stress Indicators Incorporated introduces standard product catalog of Pre-Engineered DTI SmartBolts, and initiates partnerships with sales channels in South America and Africa. Another CNC Turning Center is purchased which increases production to serve new markets.


Stress Indicators Incorporated initiates partnerships with sales channels in US and internationally, including Fastenal, Bossard and Stanley Engineered Fasteners (Asia Pacific region).


Stress Indicators Incorporated relocates to current, larger facility to meet customer demand. Expands product offerings to serve the Injection Molding and Mining industries.


Stress Indicators Incorporated won contract to supply Eaton Electrical. Eaton offers DTI SmartBolts in its busway product line and is an OEM customer to this day. Machining capability is added with purchase of CNC Turning Center.


Strategic decision to consolidate production into manufacturing facility in Gaithersburg, MD in order to serve a growing customer base with greater product variety. Chief Engineer, Chris Bunai is hired to manage the new production facility.


Stress Indicators Incorporated won contract with Gersan Elektrik of Turkey. Gersan offers DTI SmartBolts in its busway product line, and is an OEM customer to this day.


Stress Indicators Incorporated won contract with National Weather Service to outfit all 159 NEXRAD Doppler radar stations with DTI SmartBolts. This would become an 8-year project.


“SmartBolts” product name is chosen, and the trademark is registered with USPTO.


Production requirements for General Electric lead to investment in automated production machinery and sub-contracting production. All product quality testing is done in-house in Bethesda, MD. Charles Popenoe, III joins the company as President, while Chuck retains the role of Technical Director.


Stress Indicators Incorporated won contract with General Electric, Electrical Distribution and Control. DTI SmartBolts are included in GE’s Spectra Series busway product line. GE is an OEM customer to this day.


Sales to NASA, and others. Components are manufactured on custom-designed machines and assembled in the basement workshop.


Stress Indicators Incorporated founded in the Bethesda, MD basement workshop of Chuck Popenoe, the technology inventor and developer, as a one-person firm.

No open positions at this time.

End-users benefit from the selective use of qualified Authorized Distributors for local service and support.

Our distributors are selected, trained and authorized based on their ability to support engineered condition-monitoring solutions. All of our distributor partners have a qualified engineering sales force and some have a market specialization.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming an Authorized Distributor, please contact us.



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