Charles Popenoe attends Trade Bill Signing Ceremony at the White House

Stress Indicators, Inc. CEO Charles Popenoe, III represented Small Businesses with export interests by attending President Obama’s ceremonial signing of bills that enable rapid completion of the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.  Mr. Popenoe was invited to attend the event by the Office of the United States Trade Representative, a Presidential Cabinet-level agency that conducts trade negotiations on behalf of the United States.

Charles Popenoe at White House

During the ceremony, President Obama stressed that both American workers and American businesses will benefit from the reduction in trade barriers the Agreement will establish among the twelve Pacific Rim countries.  Among these countries are Japan, Australia and Chile, where Stress Indicators already has established strong sales channels and customer relationships.

Mr. Popenoe commented, “It is a great honor to attend President Obama’s Signing Ceremony and represent Small Businesses whose growth is dependent on robust export sales.  Successful implementation of the TPP Trade Agreement will make our primary product, SmartBolts® more affordable for many of our important international customers.”