Stress Indicators, Inc. is Now Doing Business as Industrial Indicators

With the imminent introduction of our next-generation SmartBolts® product line our transformation is occurring into a sensor company offering products designed for the digital age.  To mark this milestone and to create a new platform for growth, Stress Indicators, Inc. is now officially doing business as Industrial Indicators.

Industrial Indicators will offer everything Stress Indicators did, and more.  Customers can continue to expect Microindicator™ technology-based SmartBolts like the proven DTI.  But with patent-pending Chromaulic™ technology, users will experience the next-gen Chroma™ series SmartBolts platform with visual and digital outputs and integrated tools.  In addition, we plan to respond to customer requirements to develop non-fastener sensor and condition monitoring indication systems for industrial applications.

We look forward to continuing to serve our existing customer base in the US and internationally, and to welcome the new customers that our Chromaulic™ technology will attract.  We will continue to operate out of our existing manufacturing facility and offices in Gaithersburg, MD USA.  Visit us at  to keep up to date with exciting upcoming announcements.

Charles Popenoe
Chief Executive Officer